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Affiliations with Local Attorneys 

Karen Denise Bradley

Karen Denise Bradley, Principal and Owner of Bradley and Associates, has been practicing in the area of Immigration Law for over 24 years.


Practice is located at 130 West 2nd Street
Suite 2100, Dayton, Ohio 45402

Phone: 937-461-1212


For nearly two decades, Christopher Bucio has been able to achieve a lengthy and consistent success rate for his clients in nearly all aspects of criminal defense of Felonies throughout Ohio.

Offices located in Dayton, Lima,

Urbana and Sidney

(937) 652-2224

Chris Bucio.jpg

Christopher Bucio


Rafael Villegas

Rafael Villegas practices in the areas of Criminal Defense, Immigration, Family Law, and Crimmigration. Additionally, Rafael practice focuses heavily on defending OVI/DUI matters.

Offices located in Dayton, Lima

Urbana and Sidney

(937) 652-2224


Marilyn Lopez & 
Omar Rodriguez

An immigration law firm dedicated to the relentless advocacy, support, and defense of all who wish to pursue personal, professional, and financial betterment regardless of nationality.


Lopez Law Associates is located

7540 Reading Rd # 2
Cincinnati, OH, 45237 (Sharonville)

(513) 394-6019

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