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Meet our Team


Britney Natera

Britney was born May 9, 2004 in Panama, to a Panamanian mother and a Dominican father. Britney and her family immigrated to the U.S in 2018. Britney finished High School in 2022 in the City of Hamilton. 


In January 2023, she began her experience as an secretary in the firm. Britney has expanded her knowledge in the legal field. Britney is now a Legal Assistant in the firm. She describes this experience, as one of her best experiences in life. She loves to assist other immigrants like her and is very proud to be part of a firm that are all immigrants themselves giving back to the community.  In her free time, Britney loves to dedicate herself to the world of beauty.



Jacqueline Carbajal

Jacqueline Carbajal (aka Jackie) joined the office in July 2023 as a Legal Assistant.


Jackie was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. She moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in 2017, transferring from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) to the University of Cincinnati. Jacqueline grew up speaking both English and Spanish since she grew up in a Hispanic household, with her mother being originally from Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. As she started school, her parents made sure she went to a bilingual school so she wouldn’t forget her Spanish. As it was mentioned, Jacqueline attended both UTEP and the University of Cincinnati, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature.


In her previous position, she was an English of Other Languages (ESOL) teacher for Cincinnati Public Schools, where she worked closely with immigrant students to teach them English. As much as she loved working with ESOL students, she felt a calling to help immigrant families as more than just a teacher, which is why she decided to become a paralegal for an immigration law firm. Now, Jacqueline feels proud to be able to say that she can help people through her work. She plans to apply to law school within the next few years to become an Immigration attorney herself. In her free time, she likes to read, write, listen to music, and visit new places.



Ashley Humfleet

Ashley Humfleet was born in Covington Kentucky, and moved to Guatemala when she was 3 years old. Ashley lived in Guatemala for over 13 years with her Guatemalan father's side of the family. She later returned to the U.S and moved to Cincinnati at the age of 16. She is a native Spanish speaker.


She graduated from Withrow University High School in 2023. Ashley enjoys helping the immigrant community as her father and close family and friends are all immigrants. In her free time, she enjoys cooking authentic Guatemalan dishes, attending music concerts outside the city and traveling.

Ashley joined the office in October 2023 as a Legal Secretary.


Luisa Lopez

Luisa Lopez was born in Guatemala. She is currently a junior at Xavier University in Cincinnati OH. Luisa is actively shaping her academic journey with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy on the Pre- Law track. Her current interest are in global politics, current affairs, public interest, human rights, immigration, and political philosophy. 


Fluent in both English and Spanish, and proficient in Italian, she aims to explore different realms of philosophy and politics and hopes to keep exploring and acquiring various forms of knowledge that resonate with her intellectual passions and personal aspirations.

Luisa joined the team of legal assistants in January 2024.

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